Posted by: dreymer | July 10, 2007

Veni, vidi, vici

6 girls. 4 days. 3 nights. 22 pieces of bags. *gulp*

We arrived like that…..

But came back with……



We even spotted one of our boxes being loaded up to the plane! Much to Jade’s relieve.

We had an incredible non-stop shopping trip. From the moment we touched down till the time we departed shopper’s paradise, it was just baht out, out and out. And at times of desperation and the dire need to survive, the sign “Currency Exchange” just lights up our faces.

Ahhh so nice. I want a holiday to relax now. Sigh.

More pics of BKK soon. Slowly wait!



  1. OMG the bags, the bags!!!!!!!

    Its like refugees bringing their houses with them!

  2. you couldn’t help posting something up eh 😉

  3. sourrain: maybe it’s bad planning. maybe we didn’t expect to buy so much. but yes, the bags!! we could have gotten those plastic bags that ppl go back to their kampung/village. hahaha like the pasar woman.

    shuks: cannot help it but i promise, no more until we meet up this w/end 😉

  4. but why??? don’t screen through the photos, I wanna see every details 🙂

  5. yo… u r not suppose to pre-release the pictures before everyone leh… oooorrr broke promise…. 😛

  6. so when, where and what time?

  7. Hi, can i know which hotel you stayed in BKK. i am planning a trip. so far haven’t been to bangkok on leisure. Looking for budget & safe hotel. Since 2 girls are travelling there. TQ.

  8. MG: There you go 😉 You might want to consider that inn.

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