Posted by: dreymer | July 16, 2007

Influential ads

Aly chilled at my place on Saturday so I was telling her a stupid but funny story that happened the night before!

It was the ‘Purple Posse’ day – Seira’s birthday and we were summoned to wear something purple. It didn’t matter if it was a top, a hairband, a pair of earrings – as long as it was in a shade of purple.

I know that I have a pair of purple heels hidden in my shoe cupboard that I got from Esprit a long time ago. Finally have a reason to wear them! Let me just describe to you how it looks like: They are almost 3.5″ high. It’s purple patent criss-cross at the toes area and about 2 inches platform in front. A good height shoe for a shorty like me.

Before dropping by at The Loft to join the rest of the gang, I was having a drink with mc. Had a really enjoyable night but had to cut it short because I was already 2 hours late. Normally I’d ask someone to accompany me to the car but I decided that I should leave mc alone and thank god I didn’t ask him to come along.

As I was scurrying in a hurry out of, the bottom of my shoe came off! (the platform part) Hahaha.. It was hilarious and embarassing. I didn’t want to look up and face anyone. Seriously. The shoe was still wearable just that I now looked like a pirate with a wooden leg. I didn’t know what to do so I grabbed the ‘remainder’ and walked to my car with one side of the shoe taller than the other.

And what luck! Usually I have several pairs of shoes in the car but recently I cleaned them out! I wasn’t going to The Loft looking like a limp or Kelly Clarkson ala barefooted! Seeing that my right side of the shoe could just break off like that, it can’t be hard to do the same for the left right? So I did just that. I just snapped it off and ta-da!

Aly laughed and laughed when I told her. She said, “isn’t that like the Mentos advertisement?” (Do you remember that ad?) That made it even funnier because I always that the TVC was way off. Apparently, such things do happen!

Anyway, managed to last the night looking like an old lady who just pulled her hamstring or suffering from the worst case of hemorroids (not like I’ve ever had one). Wahlau.. not joking wei.

And the moral of the story? Don’t buy shoes from Esprit? Always have an extra pair of shoes in the car? Watch more TVCs for survival ideas?

Ladies/Cross-dressers, has this ever happened to you??

*humming to the tune*
“Fresh goes better, Mentos freshness, fresh goes better with Mentos, fresh and full of life!”



  1. i think hor its because you haven’t worn it for ages,so the glue like not sticky already.

    Oh remember the same thing happend to me when we were in HK? But they were flats la..then remember the ciaplak sandal i bought instead cos my shoe sole like…broken into half?harhar

  2. Picture of abused shoe pls.

  3. sourrain: you’re right! it’s because of that.. hahaha yah, but flats incomparable to heels wei. even elv shook his head la when he saw me walking like old woman. hahaha

    anttyk: hahaha sure sure!

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