Posted by: dreymer | July 23, 2007

Bangkok 101: Babes on a budget

I know that the review on Bangkok has been long overdue. I was thinking. Thinking hard on how to approach this travelog. And I think I got it.

Bangkok 101: Babes on a budget; How to stay cheap! (No pun intended)

1) Fly with a low budget airline like Air Asia

Damage? RM 305 per person from KUL to BKK. It was reasonable! However, if you are bringing back the whole of Bangkok with you, perhaps the limit of 15kgs of check-in may be insufficient.

That is if, you are on a mission, like these super troopers. *theme song of Chariot of Fire*


2) Get that pink taxi

Grab a pink cab at the Bangkok International Airport. A one way trip to Sukhumvit (also depending on which area of the town you are headed to) was THB 250 (RM 25). Traffic wasn’t fantastic but we got there safe.. and plenty of sound.

“What? You paid THB 250?? THB 180 for mileage and THB 50 for tips is how much?”

“Oh. THB 230”

I’m on holiday. I don’t do mental calculation. Hrmph! (Anyway, the taxi driver overcharged us by RM 2 — can’t even buy one packet of chicken rice!)

3) As long as it’s clean, we’re staying here

We booked three double occupant rooms at the Sawasdee Sukhumvit Inn on Sukhumvit Soi 57. (Starbucks just 5-10mins walk!!!!!!)

We knew the price we were paying will not get us fluffy bathroom slippers and silk duvets but for ~TBH1200 (~RM120) per pax for three nights, you really can’t ask for more.

Rooms were clean, towels and basic toiletries were provided, a mini fridge, air-con, TV with a couple of channels (BBC, NHK, Starworld) and mosquito netting (!!) were also available. 

Majority of Thais in Bangkok understand English. You don’t really need 4 people at the reception and a person on the phone to get translation at the inn. English is widely used.

Here’s a picture of the room I bunked in with Shuks. Room #302.


It looks like the inn has gone through some minor refurbishment and they’ve done a good job to make it look pleasant — especially their fresh coat of brightly painted colourful walls. Even these Malaysian tourists found it hard not to snap a few shots.


*As much as I have plenty of good things to say about this inn, the entrance from the main road to the lane where the it is situated can be quite dodgy especially at night. It’s always advisable to walk in pairs or in a group. Be street wise.

4) Entertainment in the hotel

Digital citizens facing withdrawal symptoms of not handling a mouse do not have to worry. Internet is available at the inn for THB 10 (RM 1) for 10 minutes. Guess who couldn’t resist? Ahem. But but but… the taxi guy was late! 😐

If you are need a quick read, grab a novel at the bookstand that travellers leave behind after their trip.


Or be awwwww-ed by the resident heart-throb. He’s sucha cutie!

5) Free breakfast!

For THB 400 (RM 40) per night and it includes breakfast too! Isn’t that a great deal? We didn’t know how grateful we were for free breakfast until the day we flew off as we were running out of cash!

Breakfast is served at the inn’s restaurant, Smile Restaurant from 6am to 10am every morning. You get a choice of coffee, tea or juice.


The menu differs slightly from day to day.

For instance, here are examples of our American breakie on day 1 and day 3.


You only get white toast. No choice of baguette, croissont, danish or buns. They don’t ask you how you like your eggs done either. Jam is standard artificial strawberry!

6) Taking the MRT

It is easy, cheap and convenient to travel around Bangkok with the MRT. Not only is it reliable but it beats the horrid jam ANYTIME. Sawasdee Sukhumvit Inn is about 3 mins walk to the nearest station – Thong Lo (E6)


A one way trip from:

  • Thong Lo to Siam (where the major premium malls are) costs THB 20 (RM 2).
  • Thong Lo to Mo Chit (where Chaktuchat market is) costs THB 40 (RM 4)
  • If you travel frequently in one day, I suggest the day trip pass which gives you unlimited entry the whole day – THB 120 (RM 12)

If you are unsure where to get off, don’t worry. You’ll bump to cute girls that have a map with them all the time to assist you.

And even after the 3rd day of travelling to and fro on the MRT, you think you know your stops. Ummm..  not really. Shopping fatigue and suffering from intense dehydration (liquid cash not water) can cause you to SEE things (think: lost in desert with no H20 and a mirage in the distance).

That’s us stuck at Phrom Phong (E5), 1 station before our actual stop. Ahh.. wishful thinking.


To be continued… grrls gone wild-shop, eat, shop, eat…



  1. Nice story and great photos so far. 🙂

  2. love the last picture… i remember you gal took all the effort to not look at the camera:P bleh … love the first picture…:>

  3. i didn’t realise that gerry took the pic of 3 of us taking pic of the place hahaha…more more…

  4. u know wat’s funny? my bf is kelvin (friend of sheryl) n i know the shuks (both khuen n yin). i was clicking blog after blog looking for a place to stay for my bangkok trip in november. n everything kicks in bcos u look darn familiar… the world is so small it scares me. or did i scare u more?

  5. aiyo yee kiat…scaree la you hahaha…anyways the place we stayed was not bad…good price laaa…

  6. yeekiat: Nah, you didn’t scare me. I think knowing the Shuks sisters is more scary!

    Yes, small world and… you’d think 22.6 mil population in Msia is alot 🙂

    Yes, I agree with Shuks. You should try out the hotel if you are on a budget holiday!

  7. shuks, did u miss me???

    drey, u take nice photos. i jeles. btw i didn’t know there’s 22.6m ppl in msia. i thought there’s only like 50,000. the rest are all animals e.g. thieves, robbers, rapists dadada.

  8. eh drey..i checked online its 640baht per room geh?

    how u get 400baht?

  9. yeekiat: thanks but for this BKK trip, the compliment goes to the rest too.

    kelvin: 400 baht per person for double occupancy. what i meant was that per room was approx. 800 baht.

  10. drey: Oh yah..forgot u were in a group..


  11. yee kiat: yea miss you laaa…long time no see 🙂

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