Posted by: dreymer | July 27, 2007

Bangkok 101: Hungry?

I’ve mentioned quite abit of the inn we were staying in Sukhumvit Soi 57.  Is it easy to grab a quick bite?

Just around the corner, eateries similar to the kopitiams that we have over here were abundant. After touching down and our McD’s breakie fully digested, lunch awaits.

We weren’t sure if they’ll serve good food but being non-adventurous was not part of the agenda. As more customers started coming in to the eatery, we knew we were at the right place. Now, we had to think what to order. The fate of our hunger pangs was now in the hands of GKL and her fluency in Mandarin.

 Thais love their broth clear and simple. However, if you’d like to add some oomph to the soup, they have te usual condiments served on every table; fish sauce, sugar, chili flakes (potent but excellent), crushed roasted peanuts and cut red chili soaked in vinegar.

Gerry approves!


I had flat rice noodles with a variety of fish paste and fish cake and plenty of raw taugeh (yum!) and chopped coriander. Excellent! Just sprinkle some chili flakes and a dash of fish sauce, you got yourself a tasty and hearty meal. Portions are smaller than what is served in Malaysia but we are not complaining. It just means, we get to have more food later! Per bowl – THB 30 (RM 3)

We enjoyed the food here so much that we went back for another dose of noodle soup. I had my usual with glass noodle but GKL decided to go GROSS on us. She had the usual but with a side order of coagulated pig’s blood. Yes, such food do exists. Bleack.

It didn’t sound at all appetizing especially for someone who never tasted it before. After some internal self-encouragement and pep talk, I led my spoon to a place I never thought I would; a scoop of piggy’s semi-solid hemoglobin.

I wanted to try it a little but it was difficult to cut through for a small, itsy-bitsy bit. It kept falling off my spoon that even GKL was tempted to help me. EeEEEEeeeeEEEe..


See what I mean! Review: Wasn’t too bad actually. Just slurp it and have it go through your teeth like as if you are filtering the solid to liquid. Haha..

Hungry already from shopping for 8 hours straight? It is our lucky day as our noses followed the scent of deep fried lam yue kai (deep fried chicken marinated in fermented tofu — ok, sounds horrible. Perhaps I shouldn’t have translated) sold in a stall on wheels.

Luck on our side, GKL must have wanted to seize more of it.

Hmm.. Someone ought to tell her that you break off the ‘Wishing Bone’ with someone in order for your wish to be granted.

Babes… not chicken wing leh.

No.. not even in Thailand 😐

Adjacent to the street where our inn is situated is a place that is famous for their orh chien (oyster omellete) and pad thai.

Their orh (oysters) are obviously much larger than the ones we get over here. Even the texture of the omellete is crispier and less ‘eggy’. A major diff is the taugeh in the omellete. Again, the Thais love their sprouts semi-cooked. We also (by accident) ordered another omelette with mini mussels. In all honesty, you wouldn’t miss it even if you didn’t have it.

However, not every restaurant that we randomly selected was palatable. Just like this one across the road. They couldn’t understand much English despite pointing the item that we wanted that was written in English.

In the end, our beef noodles turned out to be sliced beef with rice.

And we wouldn’t mind it so much if the beef was tender and juicy. But it is odd to have BEEF JERKY with RICE. No? I asked for beef, jerky.

Dry, a little tasteless and tough.

Mmm… red rubies. We were really excited to have tub tim krob (mock pomegranate – waterchestnuts coated with tapioca flour in coconut milk). However, it came out quite disappointing. Sigh.

Jadryn busy selecting what to include in her dessert 😉



To be continued… we heart shopping in Bangkok!



  1. *drools* fooooOoooOOOood!

    that coagulated pig’s blood rite.. the filipinos actually have a dish where they eat that plain with rice. taste quite yummy actually. i hear chinese also got dish like that?

  2. I is drooling. And you never had kway-teow-tng (that rice-noodle soup thing) with pig’s blood before? BEST.

    That beef jerky with rice thing does look damn disappointing though.

  3. im shocked…..

    You haven’t ate pork blood before arh? I love mine in curry mee with loads of tau pok.

    Wait. I will bring black pudding back for you ok. Coagulated pork blood SAUSAGE. It’s not even blood colored, it’s black in color.

  4. zona: ohhh.. i really don’t know if there’s such a dish or not. so it’s just blood and rice? not even some sauce?!

    mooiness: no! never had KTT with blood. i’ve seen it in curry laksa lor…

    sourrain: no wor.. never! but i’ve tasted black pudding before. don’t really fancy… yah, damn black. look like something that came out from a horse. hahaha

  5. i love the picture of GKL and the chicken wing… classic 😛

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