Posted by: dreymer | July 28, 2007

It finally happened to me

You know the time when you think you’ve gotten a streak of good luck and you wonder when something ‘horrid’ would happen to you?

It finally did.

My clutch was stolen at The Loft tonight. I lost my car keys, ID card, driver’s license, credit card and my V3i. Oh! And my MAC lip gelee and Chanel blusher 😦

And my white clutch.

As soon as I found that my clutch was missing, I screamed to my friend and went hurrying to my car. That was the MOST valuable amongst the items that I have (since my car keys were in my clutch).

I am pretty sure this is just PETTY theft but it has made the whole ‘clubbing’ and ‘enjoying drinks with your friends’ just plain shitty.

I blame myself for leaving my bag unattended. My friends consoled me that it has happened many times and they have experienced and knew people who have gotten them items snatched or stolen. I supposed, it was to make me feel better. It didn’t. I really thought I was more attentive than that.

Blardy Hennessy 😐  *Sigh*

But…… I thank my lucky stars that tonight…. out of so many nights… I decided to leave my camera at home.



  1. Maybe it’s a sign that you’re having a brand new start! 😀


  3. penangkia: I hope so! And not a streak of bad luck one after another…….. I can’t handle it now!

    senhon: YES!!! I made a lodged a police report and made sure those items were in the list of stolen goods!! 🙂

  4. omg omg omg|!!!!! SHIT!

    maybe its a sign that you need a new blusher & lip gelee…..

    btw, you DID mention that you wanted a new phone rite…and I said you shouldnt. WELL…you had just proved me wrong..:)

    as long as you are ok and merry still

  5. bacon: it is a sign! my lippy is about to finish and i’ve been using the blusher for the longest time.

    maybe it’s a sign to erase all the unimportant people in my handphone address book.

    what a DRASTIC sign.

  6. and you even left your camera at home – what are the chances!!!!!

    Yes, I think a little spring cleaning is good once in a while. Make sure you buy some goodies before starting the new job. Y’know what they say, everything new for good luck…

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