Posted by: dreymer | July 29, 2007

Bangkok 101: Pratunam

The wonderful things about shopping in Bangkok are the availability of two extremes – luxury shopping in comfort and the uncomfy shopping which makes it luxurious.

If Gucci, Coach and Prada are amongst the things in your shopping list, head down to Siam where you’ll be bombarded with shopping malls housing branded goods. Not as if you can’t get them in the local markets but unless you are anal about typos, then maybe Cucci, Goach and Praba may be a problem.

On our first day in Bangkok, we took the MRT to Siam and discovered Geysorn. You would probably think it’s similar to what we have in Suria KLCC but what makes this place memorable are the uber-unique art pieces.

Like this wooden tree made of leaves of pinwheels.


In the concourse, watch out for giant drops of water!


And enter the garden of essences, where you are free to roam along samples of floral and fruitty scents.


We were getting restless already. We weren’t here to sightsee, let’s shop! The convenience about Bangkok is that if you want to travel to another area without walking, you could get a tuk-tuk.

With THB40 per vehicle for a 5-10mins ride, please be aware that the fee excludes any accident coverage. Also, do not feel you’ve been short-changed if your what supposed to be a 10 mins ride takes less than 2 minutes to reach your destination. It really depends on how heavy traffic is on the ‘OTHER’ side of the road.

Skillful. Very skillful.

And finally, we arrive at Pratunam’s Platinum Shopping Complex. Woohoo! If you are a lady who loves accessories, clothes, shoes and bags, you will not be disappointed. The mall is air-conditioned but there are two downfalls — you can’t try on the clothes and you need to purchase at least three items (they call it ‘wholesale’) in order to get the discounted price.

We created a new term: “Wholesale Support”

Wholesale support – A shoutout used by any member if she needs support from her team in order to achieve their desired Return of Investment (ROI).

Here’s an example of how ‘Wholesale Support’ in progress. We call this the ‘Blackhole’ because it was the only place that got us to purchase more bags that we actually need.


For you cynics who believed that shopping is just a way to waste money, time and space, I beg to differ.

It promotes team work, encourages tactical and strategic attacks, improves your skills in negotiation, refining techniques of persuasion and develop mental math!


We should really consider including ‘bargain shopping’ in our education syllabus (although most ladies would boast that it’s just an inborn talent)

The shopping complex reminds me of Dongdaemun in Korea. Similar setup and you could get a little ‘disoriented’ after a while.

After 7 hours of continuous shopping, we were exhausted and hungry. Oh, and very, very grumpy since the nearest MRT was about 10 mins away and walking under a mild drizzle didn’t help to cool off our steam.

But half way, we smelt food! Street food are so common in Bangkok that any Malaysians would be able to stomach filthy pavements and unpleasant scented paths. And it was just perfect weather to have a bowl of warm tom yum kung to regain our energy. With rice. Stir-fried beef and pork. Barbequed salt fish. Glass noodle salad. Roasted pork. Kangkung. Singha and Coke.



Dodgy in appearance but we voted this as the best dinner we had in Bangkok 🙂


After refueling, we walked along the bustling Bangkok streets. It was damp and drizzling slightly but that didn’t dampen our spirits.

Just outside a huge mall was a mini temple. Thais are staunch Buddhist and even at this hour, they were offering prayers to their deity.

In comparison, we are a religious group of grrls as well. It’s just that we pay homage to a different religion at a different temple —

The shopping mall.

After grabbing some stuffs in Naraya (YaY! We finally could swipe our credit cards) at Central World, the grrls even managed to get some really cute shorts and jelly shoes from street vendor. I told ya, we won’t stop at anything.


This is the end of day one. And the damage?

Roommates in room #302


Roommates in room #304


Roommates in room #308


to be continued… Chatuchak Day #1



  1. wholesale support = economics of scale… the more you buy the better rate you get 🙂 classic economic theory at work 😛

  2. OMG you guys are serious..this is not shopping trip, this is daylight robbery!

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