Posted by: dreymer | August 3, 2007

My losses

It’s not cheap to lose your barang-barang. I finally got my things done and the damage is as follows:

  • Police report – FOC
  • Replacement SIM card – FOC
  • Replacement for Identification Card/MyKad – RM 30
  • Replacement for Driver’s License – RM 20
  • Retune car alarm/change locks – Approx RM 200
  • Lost phone – RM 700 (after depreciation)




  1. you forgot

    Loss of time = priceless
    Loss of my phone number=priceless

    everything else there is mastercard.

  2. + u had a spare “almost the same phone but without the ‘i’ waiting to be used”

  3. aiyoh! if i were you, it would be the humiliation that would cost most because the pickpocket get to see my ugly ID photo.

  4. should just lose my whole identity. even better. can start all over! hahaha

    vonne:hahahahahaha so true. nobody ever takes great IC pics. at least i got a second chance that costs rm30. hopefully, they don’t screw it up.

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