Posted by: dreymer | August 5, 2007

Sweet memories

Finally, here’s a glimpse of my place at the office (Yes, I was once employed). I seldom speak of work in my blog but since I’ve ended one chapter of my life, I thought… why not?


August 2004 

Don’t ask me why the pics are so pathetically cropped. This was our first annual dinner thinghy at Summit Hotel I think. 70’s theme.


Oh God! This must have been our first group photo. Look at our hideous haircuts! We were in Hyatt Kuantan for our annual strategy meeting. This is also the first time my colleagues knew about my phototaking habit. I did take a couple of really good shots of people in action. Haha.. self-praise.


December 2004

No, this is not Traditional Thursday. It was a Deepa-Raya celebration and some smart spark suggested that we wear either sarees or baju kebaya.

Nad, HH and I being the ‘innocent and naive newbies’ obviously obeyed our ‘party planner commander’.

Hmm.. this was also the time I cried when I had my hair cut by a student hairstylist. I wish to erase this time of my life 😥

Ok let’s move on.

April 2005 – Aly’s farewell at our usual hangout. We’ve known each other since 7 years old. But after quitting the swim team, we lost touch until we found ourselves in the same college after 7 years of MIA! 

After that ONE meeting in college, we never saw each other again until…7 years later in the same company!  

Now I try to get rid of her and she wouldn’t stop pestering me. It must be the 7-years curse.

August 2005

One of my proudest moments! Annual Dinner. Theme: Black & Gold. My team won 2nd prize in the 10 minutes sketch competition. We did a modern comedy version of Puteri Gunung Ledang (with the backdrop of KLCC and a plot of searching for the perfect bride in Friendster!) and I was the King! We did so well and I thought we deserved to be in the champions but we lost on costumes. I don’t blame the judges for not giving us points on costumes coz the king was wearing a paper crown from Burger King and a moustarch made of black tape!

I think this was the time the rest of the company actually knew the other side of ‘Audrey’. They all had this perception that I was either a snob or a very shy person. Hmm.. I was stuck with the nickname “The King” for a couple of weeks.




September 2005

At my 2nd industry presentation. That’s a formal picture with the usual group.

December 2005

Strategy meeting at Avillion, Port Dickson.


And then it became the year everyone started to leave me behind! 😦

May 2006 – TSP’s farewell


July 2006 – Nad’s farewell




September 2006 – HH’s farewell (noticed that the office farewell lunches are always the same?!)


September 2006 – Another proud moment for me! Worked on the industry presentation but this time in a movie format – “Get Hitched”.



January 2007

HH and Nad came back to celebrate my birthday with me and Lily. YaY!


April 2007 

And on and off, there’ll be meet ups with the other bunch of girls from retail. Sigh. Like the time we met up at Heritage Row and I had to wear a hat made of a white napkin because I arrived late. Grr!


And then it was my time to say goodbye…….. (haha, and you still have no clue on what I do eh?)

to be continued….



  1. Wow there sure are a lot of women in your former workplace. Is it the industry in general or just your company?

  2. female industry!

  3. Time flies…eeps!!

    I wish more friends will blog about their lives (where I’m involved), so that when ppl ask me how my life was at some point in time..all I have to say is check out so and so’s blog..kakaka…*oink oink*

    Three Hs

  4. i know i know…you are a daytime karaoke mamasan!

    do I get a prize?

  5. nasi lemak: I thought night time…. day time she’s normally sleeping. HAHA

  6. I thought you were a professional food critic/cupcake maker/birthday planner person…

  7. i’m gonna tell u something really scary. siewhar n jessica won the 70s theme best dress. april 2005 u were with aly in that corner bakery cafe. aly has long gone over to loreal. the team that won 1st place for the annual dinner black n gold had chinese vampire n dracula in it. HH is a member of the company’s committee. yes, farewell lunch n special occassion lunch is always the same from that expensive mamak restaurant nearby. chew from MIS isn’t really that photogenic eh? i bet u know who danyal is. the best part is i was at where u were from dec 2004-june2006, right at the 20th floor but we’ve met each other before.

    have u fallen in love with me yet?

  8. MAK YEE KIAT!!!!: you party pooper.

    hahahahahha.. just you wait!

  9. “It must be the 7-years curse.”

    So far how many 7-years already? Thought you’re only 21? 😀

  10. nyek nyek nyek nyek
    i’m waiting…

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