Posted by: dreymer | August 11, 2007

Last day of work-26/7/07

Some of the things and people that I’ll always remember…

Like my media guides and my treasured Toshiba… 


My cup full of stationery and the bottle of water that reminds me to drink…


My obsession with stickies and my doomed cubicle (anyone who sat there either resign or get sacked haha)


My favourite tau foo fah from the van outside the pharmacy and har meen and kat chai shuin mui from the corner coffee shop


My farewell lunches with colleagues… Sri Melaka and Marco’s Pizza


My gossip buddies…


My VP and Secretary…


The usual malay makan place on the 8th floor…


The kampung nasi goreng and ‘BOSS’


My wonderful team and Celine’s cute-cute slippers…


And I’m finally out of here…



  1. ugh! the ‘BOSS’ looks like a cavewoman from PNG

  2. What’s the kamus for?

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