Posted by: dreymer | August 31, 2007

Wriggly toes, Whiny Wales

She has finally arrived! The stock brought her to our world a little early but she’s a healthy bouncy baby. She looks exactly the same as her brother at birth. A replica of a tiny eskimo baby.

Yippee! I am an aunt again!



  1. YaY! Congratulations to the Wales! And to the Chongs! What’s her name? How heavy? I wanna see the cute little face pweaseeee!!!

  2. too cute already :> congrats babes 🙂 now we can go shopping for dresses for the little princesses

  3. you are becomming more and more aunty day by day…literally


    so nice to finally welcome a baby girl!!!!!!!!

    Hope mommy is well and did not have to suffer too long….*hugs* to C!

  4. Von: Thanks! Will let sis know. She’s 2.88 kg. Will upload some pics soon!

    G: Surely!

    Mils: Yah, but at least I have reasons to be aunti-fied. Not like you. Kakaka..

  5. welcome to our world, lil miowz*..hehe

    *aud knows

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