Posted by: dreymer | September 9, 2007

To you


and I thank you. The hard lessons I had to go through alone was not an easy journey but it has taught me to be wiser with the decisions I have to make in the future. I was blinded from the beginning but your absence made me appreciate the people that loved and cared for me more than you did. I have so much in me that I could give. I blamed myself for not doing enough or giving my all. Never once did I acknowledge that perhaps it is you who didn’t want it. It is crystal clear now.

Someone told me that there are three elements to make something happen; time, matter and chance. We covered two, but we never got the chance.

I feel free,

I am happy,

My past is what makes me,

And it’s up to you see.



  1. the crazy christians strikes again!!!

  2. are you mad, you crazy woman! 🙂

  3. PS: you have done all you can do and have given all that you are capable of giving – and more.

    Now you need to release some doves or something 😉 . So you also can learn to flyyyyy wooo

  4. yes, i’m gonna webcast the release of two turtle-doves and partridge from on a pear tree tomorrow at 2pm as a symbol of a coukoo gone weird.

    what’s up with the birds man!

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