Posted by: dreymer | September 15, 2007

Black & Gold

Yet another evilllll birthday theme that gave GKL a panic attack – Gerry and Trish’s black and gold night — which wasn’t so bad! When we were walking out of the restaurant, we looked like mourners out of a funeral.

Trish suggested Max! Kitchen and Wines in Tengkat Tong Shin. And yes, the food is very, very good.


Serving European cuisine of petite servings, the food is really worth the wait considering Max is the only chef whipping out art in his self-named restaurant. Good food must also come with good company, fantastic wine and excellent PR – we had  a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc on the house because of their delay in serving us. (Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand) 2005 ))

First we were indoors, upstairs…


But decided to be dine outdoors to enjoy the after-rain ambiance…

Bread and dip; Gerry camera-shy already!


Seira’s getting in the mood. Hmm… must be right after Chris’ story about the kinky lady in a headscarf 🙂 A Glassed KL.


For starters, we had pan seared tuna loin, yabby lobster tail and air-dried sliced beef. All accompanied with a large bowl of salad. I agree with G that the seared tuna was the best. Cooked outside, but very pink inside!


And this is what I ordered: poached cod with creamy sauce of beans, pea sprout and fragrant bacon topped with alfafa. Was super! If you love fish, you should try this. And even if you aren’t a fan of fins and gills, you would after a bite.

Birthday girls digging into their grub…


I spent the whole day baking and icing the birthday girls this:

I got an “R”!


Meancake endorsers! The happy smiles and thumbs up gotta mean something, doesn’t it?



We had room for dessert but apparently, Max’s oven was overworked for the evening. Trish was commenting that their chocolate molten is a killer! We’ll go back exclusively for dessert one of these nights! Maybe dinner at Ngau Kee first??!

… and we proceeded to twenty one bar+kitchen. Seira babes, they do serve coffee there. I no bluff you.

On the way, we saw the filming of Ceylon Road 50200.

And more fun..




Had to stop with the papparazzi shots after a while! Much to everyone’s relief!

And then it was time to yum char and have supper… usual la right?




I like this series of shots; we all had similar poses. “Didn’t mama tell you it’s rude to put your elbows on the table?!”




Happy birthday girls, from all of us + Chris


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