Posted by: dreymer | September 17, 2007

The Day Dreymer on iPhone!

I am so totally sold! It’s damn happz lor



  1. So high tech…

  2. Wahlau… I like. 0_o

  3. is that your new toy?? cool

  4. *sigh* I wish it was my new toy. The Day Dreymer tumpang glamer je..

  5. oni USD399 ma 🙂

  6. easy for you to say mr amelika.. haha

  7. but you pay the same for a high-end Nokia phone too right? maybe even more.

  8. lokes: i’ve never paid for a phone before. they were usually hand me downs. how like that? do you know anyone who wants to hand me an iphone?!

  9. how about myphone?

  10. haha that sounded like a HUGE hint-hint-nudge-nudge.

    how bout an aiyaPhone?

  11. i want yourPhone.

  12. Lokes: Yeah.. Cos I wanna “touch”!

  13. hahah.. i’ll send you a S.K.P. branded phone k? 😉

  14. wahlau.. what’s SKP la.. sounds damn kiap

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