Posted by: dreymer | September 24, 2007


It was Weik’s birthday. Meeting him for the first time and he’s a really, really nice guy. Like a velvet teddybear. Here’s me and Aly at Genji in Hilton PJ. I was officially her date. Haha. We’ve just stuffed ourselves with sashimi, tempura prawns and green tea ice cream. Mm yums! Happy faces.


After dinner, we headed to Heritage Row. As we were walking towards Sa Vahn, we noticed this new bakery called Bisou (the logo looked exactly like Bijou). Very, very nice. I think it is new. They even have cupcakes. It was obviously dark outside and you can’t see the designs but they were pretty nonetheless.

With Sharon at Sa Vahn. Had a really great time despite the rough week I had and I have to say the same about Aly as well. It is not easy to face your biggest contender. However, we were “unaffected” la.. Cheers! Hope you had a good weekend too 🙂 



  1. yea yea its new, they just opened not too long ago..been wanting go there and try out their stuff, they are actually the same owners of Bijou…

  2. shuks no wonder the set up looks so familiar la. somemore the nama and the logo damn sama. should try. bring me bring me!

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