Posted by: dreymer | September 27, 2007

Mooncake anyone?

In celebration, mommie whipped up a feast for 10. She must have forgotten that there’ll only be 5 of us dining! Haha. Any festival, be it for the Chinese, Malays or Indians, she finds a reason to celebrate through meals. Don’t get me wrong, the family ain’t complaining.

We had all our favourite dishes: Steamed chicken, honey chicken, roasted duck, char siew and spare ribs, stir fry roasted pork and leek and mushrooms with brocolli. Mmm mmm.. and steamed yams too! Drool drool!


The li’l boy pokes mei-mei’s nose just before I accompany him to ‘play lantern’


He asked me a really smart question:

  • Boy: Yiyi, how do you play lantern?
  • Dreymer: You just carry it with a stick. And you walk around in the dark.
  • Boy: But Yiyi, why must we have a candle in there?
  • Dreymer: So we can light up the candle to illuminate the lantern (poor boy, I used a four syllabi word on him, like I have not confused him enough)
  • Boy: But why?
  • Dreymer: Umm.. use the lantern and point it to the floor. We have to look for ants!
  • Boy: But I don’t see any ants! Where are the ants? (Looking at the ground)
  • Dreymer: …… hey, look at the moon! So big and round!
  • Boy: (Distracted) yeah, it’s so big!

See, I wasn’t lying. It was full and round 🙂 And I think the ants were asleep.

Pretty illuminated lanterns… And how did you spend your Tuesday night?



  1. gosh… what a nice yiyi 🙂 food looks really yummy too

  2. gerry: you’ll be a nice yiyi too once c is big enough to communicate with you 🙂

  3. this yiyi simply distract him..harhar…

    eh, i think i spotted your month’s allowance of rice at the background..this really is a celebration! hahahaha:P

    should tell him about the starcrossed lovers and how they only get to meet once a year and all that stuff..and and if the clouds covers the moon, you have to drum to ‘scare’ the clouds away.

    (not sure whether this story is for this celebration or another..)

  4. nasilemak: of course lor. how to explain where to look for ants!

    LOL. eh, ever since i had to makan confinement food (with my SIS) ah, gotta makan nasi wei..

    oh.. i’ve no idea what story is that. You aren’t bullshitting me are you?

  5. Its the story of Chang Er. I even used to have my own drum to chase away the bad clouds :).

    Go ask penangkia, he can tell u the whole mooncake festival story. There is a few, but this is the one I like most..romantic mar..

  6. yeah meeting up w/ penangkia tonight. will make him story me. but ah, he very clever to bs one la. last time i listen to his story about stars and the galaxy starting from bakersfield to fresno. only later then he said, some may not be accurate coz he simply taruh. wtf.

  7. HAHAHA! He simply taruh!?

    Tell me what story he taruh you..then I confirm whether correct ornot. Though he would probaby have fainted and not had time to story you..

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