Posted by: dreymer | September 30, 2007

Round and round

Some Chinese do believe that after a woman has given birth and during her confinement, she is not allowed to visit anyone. It was considered a taboo to others. However, on her baby’s first full moon (i.e. 30 days after her birth), to get rid of bad luck, all members of the household including the mother have to shower with water soaked with pomelo leaves (or/and flowers)

And so I did during Mei-Mei’s moon yuit.

I’m beginning to believe luck is already changing for the better.



  1. ahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    so nice, the EYE on MALAYSIA..

    Round and lucky..romantic unless you feel like gonna die on top of the wheel

    Yes, now everyone know im crazy


    I also going to bathe in pomelo leaves and flower.

  2. Cheesy is my middle name. Don’t make fun.

    GO BATHE LA IN POMELO LEAVES AND FLOWER. Then put up a pic of the London EYE.


  3. I’m guessing you’re having a round of good luck huh??? Didn’t realise the beauty of Eye of M’sia with the KL Skyline as a backdrop.

    Geez, I wish my hubby will bring me to the Eye of M’sia before the end of VMY 07.

    You’re lucky…

  4. That’s a great picture drey.

  5. atti2de: now, now, we all can’t be so lucky rite….sighhh….she making us jealous only…

    How I wish someone would frame me a 3ft picture of the EYE.Then I can put in toilet and look everyday whilst brushing my teeth

  6. I DIDN’T TAKE THE PIC. please click on the pic to get the source.

    atti: i wanna go with you all! with the kids and the oldies.

    nasi: hahaha i have a frame in my house. you can have that.

  7. Nasi: let me warn you, there is another picture on the frame that drey is offering you…

    drey: sure! could do with the extra pair of hands…

  8. atti: Yah I know…the REALLY nice and BIG one that poor mei mei have to look at….kesian only..

  9. wah.. you two! seems like both of you are having so much fun at my expense eh!

    i think i’ll recycle the picture and frame for either of your birthday. so that poor mei mei don’t need to look at it 🙂

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