Posted by: dreymer | October 15, 2007


Most of us would remember some of the very first dual concept restaurant//fashion outlets like Zang Toi’s West 57th Street. At that time, this low profile cafe was located at the lower ground of Sungai Wang Plaza. I remember its dim ambiance; the restaurant illuminated with candles sitting on layers of harden wax in brass trophies. Yeps, Zang Toi’s dad’s bowling trophies did come in handy.

Now, a second cafe is up and running in the newly opened Pavillion on Bukit Bintang. Situated in Parkson, this tiny diner takes a spot in the ladies’ fashion section. No trophy-candle stands though.

Fall 2007 menu; fashionably appetizing

Zang Toi’s signature blue and white concept 



An overdose of branding never cease to exist.

The half Hainanese blood in me was calling out for Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls. Served with onion and garlic fragrant rice shaped into tennis balls and a generous serving of kampung chicken (not the privileged condo dwelling hens), the typical Hainanese love their rice drizzled with thick black sauce. You also get a bowl of tasty (not the MSG type of ‘tasty’)clear chicken broth. All this for only RM 13.


Daddy ordered the nasi lemak with beef rendang. I’ve had better nasi lemaks so this would not be one of those ‘repeated’ orders in future. Price RM 15.

If you are looking for something non-local, try the smoked salmon sandwich on sesame bun. It’s deeeeelicious! Served with a layer of melted cheese and tomato, the burst of flavour and texture keeps you in anticipation for the next bite. 


Lastly, the signature dessert: moist melt-in-your mouth chocolate cake layered with choco fudge and bananas with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to finish it off. If this was death by chocolate, it’ll be a sweet one. Mmm mmm mmm…

The price? Only RM 7.

A clean sweep! We had no leftovers, baby!



  1. looks goooooddddddd….. yums

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