Posted by: dreymer | October 28, 2007

My first two

Yippee! I got my Schott wine glasses from IS the other day. They were going on sale for RM 79 a pair (original RM 119). I went with the Diva range which was meant for white vino. I’ve also added two labels of Sauv Blanc I had this week in My Wine List.

The clanging of the glasses and a toast for celebration. I swivelled the white at the stem and tilt the glass back to meet my lips. The vibrant intensity of crisp, lively liquid fills my pallete.

My glass is now empty. My life is full.



  1. Nice glasses…
    but how come you didn’t get the Riedel ones instead?

  2. I can’t find Riedel (maybe I’ve not been searching). Where can I get in KL/PJ??

  3. I think Denise Wine has them…
    the Riedel ones are way better:)

  4. OK. Why don’t you get them for me for my birthday? Hee hee 😀

  5. birthday present? nah..such things can only be for a wedding present only…hehehhe;)

  6. you’ve just motivated me to find myself a man!

    HUNNIEEEE!!! hahaha
    you’re so mean! MEAN!

  7. so now the deal is… 1 man = 4 glasses and if you are lucky we might throw in a decanter too..hehehe

  8. sounds like a good deal but i usually like a set of 24. i need to find 6 men?

  9. greedy pig!!!:PPP

  10. 6 men; each for a day Mon to Sat, and Sun for gfs? What a splendid idea!

    ok gotta go! my breasts are empty
    my bottles are full.
    my baby’s crying,
    my life is full too!

  11. yoke: ok ok, i’ll stick with 4 glasses + decanter. i have this saved in writing. so no pulling out 🙂

    vonne: LOL. that’s pretty funny! look at how our priorities hv changed!

  12. dont think u need a decanter… u drink more of whites than reds:P

  13. but because of the decanter i will start to drink more reds 😀

  14. but u need red wine glasses to drink the reds..
    can’t use sissy chardonnay or pinot noir glasses for reds:P

  15. then i want glasses for reds too!! pls pls pls..

  16. go to Denise Wine, you’ll find them there.
    u r welcome:)

  17. No updates, drey?


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