Posted by: dreymer | December 18, 2007


Haha, makes me smile whenever I look at this pic. Kids and their facial expressions. Mei-Mei looks annoyed with her bro stealing the limelight. Cute-nyaaaa..



  1. very cute indeed! and ohhh i like the leopard wild! LOL

  2. one of those ‘hand-me-downs’ from boo 🙂

  3. your sister very happening..leopard print…hahaha!

    And isit me or do they look so alike! I know some people will say that siblings of course look alike, but i dont look like my bro (thank god) and you dont really look like your sis too…

  4. They DO look alike especially when the grrl was newborn. Same same. Even right now, you can tell that they are siblings.

    Yeah, you and your bro definitely different. It’ll be odd if your bro had your features.. pretty boy! Haha

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