Posted by: dreymer | December 18, 2007

Tasty Taiwanese Treats

Triple H wanted to suggest that we try Fong Lye in The Gardens for our quarterly meet-up but we couldn’t because of Cik Lily. So the next week, I dragged my mom to treat ourselves to Taiwanese cuisine because… we deserved it! 🙂 

 It was early noon and yet the place was buzzling with hungry Chinese.


L-R France Milk Tea and Oolong Milk Tea. The French one tasted better (don’t ask me about the name). The Oolong tea was abit blend so I traded it with my mom. Haha.


We ordered smoked-tea duck with rice noodles. It was delish. Clear broth topped with fried onions, spring onions, chives and bean sprouts.


The roasted duck simmered in clear soup was tender and was missing the pungent duck scent which is a good thing! MMM, don’t you feel like taking a bite now?

Their rice noodles, which is supposed to be our Malaysian bee hoon had a different texture to it. It is something like the glass noodles/tang hoon that we have over here but this one was much softer and less plastic-y.

Beef dumpling in a dark beef broth with chili oil. The skin of the dumpling was too thick and they weren’t too generous with the stuffings. But it was an overall good try. Wouldn’t order this again though.

My favourite! It is one of those childhood food that momma used to make for us. Deep-fried sweet potato balls. This one was slightly different, they added glutinous rice to the mix so it had the spongey and bouncey feel to it. I prefer the plain, boring one where it’s just sweet potatoes and nothing else.

For RM 3.50, they sure were generous with this one.


So give this place a try. I went back there again about two weeks ago and I tried the beef brisket noodles which is a popular dish in Taiwan and it’s highly recommended. Remember to go for the French Milk Tea if you are thirsty for lai cha.

SO THERE! I finally blogged….



  1. Welcome back. I missed the food pictures. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I miss blogging about food.

  3. oh oh oh!!! I really love sweet potato balls!!! I don’t think many places sell it anymore,so when I get back you MUST bring me k….promis?!?

  4. Promise! You know the last time I had genuine sweet potato balls was in Cameron Highlands. They sold it at the pasar malam. How come our PMs don’t have one?!

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