Posted by: dreymer | December 20, 2007

Bangkok 201

My second trip to Bangkok in the year; business this time. Arrived pretty late after having to go through the Bangkok jam. Hardly 30 mins in the room, I was rushing off to the business centre to get some charts printed out. As soon as I was back, AHA! Picture and discovery time.

I spent two nights at the Metropolitan Hotel on South Sathorn Road. A Como hotel property, the Metropolitan is catered to business and vacation travellers and not your usual (like yours truly) shoestring budget dwellers. If you’ve heard of Como Shambhala group, you have the idea on their concept and decor. I got this off their website that Shambhala in Sanskrit is ‘for a sacred place of bliss.’ And I was in that state… Welcome to Metropolitan. Population: Big Moolah People.

It is always nice to be greeted with a basket of fresh, colourful fleur and fruits.


It is even better when you’ve got a bed that is so irrisistably inviting…

Just across the bed, a small sitting area…

… where I got to enjoy my phad thai ala room service! TV dinner baby!

Condiments to suit your taste: fish sauce, red sliced chili in vinegar, sugar and crushed peanuts.


I wanna be evil, here’s a close up of one of Thailand’s famous local noodle dishes – sweet, sour, spicy all in one. My favourite!

It was back to the grind right after… At RM 24/hour for broadband, I wanted to make sure that my time online was worthwhile..

And I love hotel bathrooms. It is always a plus point when they have what I want – bathrobes!



Ahhh… and soon, it was time to snooze on my egyptian cotton sheets and down pillows. I like!

to be continued… Organic breakfast at Glow and loy krathong



  1. Wow. Now that is LUSH. Your company got any job openings? 😀

  2. Sure 🙂 You can become my assistant. Come sit on my lap..

  3. you are EVIL!! Pics of yummy food! Argh! I miss Thailand! Eh next time u gotta be my tour guide there ok? I plan to drop isaac off at his gramms and I go on a good trip on my own. Planning to do Thailand n Cambodia for some photography 🙂
    And oooh…what’s with that erected banana! did you or did the hotel peeps do that? geez!

  4. How did you guess my dream job?!?!

  5. vonne: I’m quite hopeless with Thailand but it’s good to be lost tourist sometimes. I wanna go Cambodia though. Am sure you’ll enjoy there. Eh, I took the picture of the erected banana as is. No touch, no touch. But I ate it la..

    mooiness: Your application was sent to me mah.. 😀

  6. wey, eating without touching…dang kinkeyyyy!!!! LOL ok i am abit out of whack here…very sleepy..nites!!!

  7. oh yes cambodia..we can go together if only u can rough it out with me. u like hiking? can u be patient n wait for me when i shoot something? hmm…better not lah..i go alone with a photo tour guide 😛

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