Posted by: dreymer | December 22, 2007

Bangkok 201: Glow

Breakfast at… 

Granny Smith apples as a counter top piece

Empty at 7am…


Simplistic at its best; a jolt of pink on every setting.

You get to choose four items from each category: hot bevs, smoothie, cold and hot meals. For a start, I had the mulberry leaf tea and Mango Energizer – blended with mango, banana, tofu, soy milk and honey. Rich and substantial, it is like a mini-meal by itself. I absolutely enjoyed this and it is the best mango smoothie I’ve tried so far and I dare to say that would beat Jamba Juice anytime.


By then you are already half-filled with mango but you have to enjoy the nutty, seeded bircher muesli topped with tropical fruits of sliced bananas and diced mango and papayas. Finishing it off with sunflower seeds, you would think it had to be a breakfast only the old folks with enjoy. I, however, beg to differ. It was very good.

Finally (thank god), for the hot meal, I opt for open face egg white omelette with fresh mushrooms and spinach complete with roasted tomato wedges. Unlike the heavy, oily and squelchy feel of egg yolks, the egg white omelette was light and a perfect start to your morning.

Here’s a close up.

Yes. THAT… was breakfast. You hardly have room for lunch after that. Actaully, this is my second morning at Glow. The first morning, I forgot to bring my camera down and document my food intake but I had the following:

  1. Illy cappucino
  2. Green Clean – Fennel, cucumber, spinach, celery, apple, spirulina, sunflower seeds and macadamia (sounds horrid but it was surprisingly plesant. Strong nutty taste)
  3. House toasted muesli with tropical fruits
  4. Scrambled egg whites with ratatouille (not the rat!) and grilled mushrooms

All ingredients in Glow are organic or naturally grown.

OK.. that’s all the food talk I have on Bangkok for you. Right after breakfast, I packed and was outta hotel. Here are some last min pics I took of the hotel before my cab arrived:

The lobby

The entrance

Ta-da.. finito 🙂


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