Posted by: dreymer | December 23, 2007

Gouda’s Gilde

I couldn’t find a better title 😦 

Met up with my ex-colleagues after sucha long time. There is only one still with the company and it was time to update us on the latest office goss! 

The married one at that time was going on her honeymoon to Italy and Switzerland. The almost married was telling us about her life as somebody’s fiance. The paint-woman showed us pics of her trip to Norway. The entrepeneur… well, she’s still as enterprising!

Here we are having dinner at Madam Kwan’s, Midvalley. 



My food represents me; I’m a big headed prawn. Ha! Ok. Stupik joke.

Triple H got this for us from Norway. Inside are 12 mini caramel filled wafers from Gouda’s Gilde. They are slightly crunchy but not too heavy on the caramel so it wasn’t too sweet. Tasted like light maple syrup. Just what we needed when we had our brew at Coffee Bean.


See you soon girls 😀



  1. The biscuits look Dutch instead of Norwegian. Gouda is a place in The Netherlands and those biscuits are called “stroopwaffels” in Holland.

  2. Hmm.. maybe she did get it from Amsterdam. I must have forgotten. But thanks for highlighting!

    Merry Christmas.

  3. I live in Amsterdam, have been eating those waffels many years now. Happy christmas to you too.

  4. Mmm! They are yummy. Is there only one kind of waffles in biscuit form in Amsterdam?

  5. There are a few sizes, mini ones at 5cm, normal ones at 10cm and Belgium waffles(big thick ones at 15cm) that has sugar instead of syrup inside. The waffles do not nessesarily come from Amsterdam, they are available everywhere in The Netherlands.

  6. Wow. Thanks for the intro. I’ve tried Belgium waffles. You can get them over here too. Not too sure about the 5cm and 10cm ones.

    Maybe I should google them.

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