Posted by: dreymer | January 9, 2008

RIP Sophie

Her pink bicycle still left in the porch. The living room filled with doll houses. It must be difficult to lay her body with all her favourite soft toys surrounding her.. not on her bed, but in a casket. It must not be easy for any parent (or anyone for that matter) to see their child go before they do.

We’ve always seen this powerful, strong and successful man holding up a fort who has fought many battles only to be reduced to a frail, pink-eyed father who has lost his only child.

We know our time here is precious but how many of us have seen life lost when it only just started? We live our lives everyday with plenty of choices and most often we forget how lucky we are to still be here.

Why can’t we always remember that? Why only be reminded when tragedy strikes?

Just this morning, I was only thinking about myself. It made me feel terrible. But all that has changed when you know yourself that there are bigger issues out there that we don’t know about. I will not let that affect me. There’s more to life than this. I feel sorry for you if you can’t see pass this.



  1. Sad isn’t it? How people are so obsessed with “earning a living” that the little innocent people are neglected… But that’s the way life goes nowadays.

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