Posted by: dreymer | January 15, 2008


We celebrated our birthdays (an early one for me) at Cava, Jalan Bangkung on Saturday. As usual, we were the early ones arriving on time at 8pm whilst the rest dilly-dallied their way over.

*Sigh* Never seen a cake so brightly litted up. Felt like as if there was a heater or warmer in the room. +6Days for me!  Happy Birthday Shuks!


Yeah, the celebration this year was a little quiet without the presence of some. As much as I loved the way things used to be and wished that it would never change but I also like how things have turned out for me recently. Oh well..



  1. Happy 29th! Hope life is treating you well. 🙂

  2. where are pix of the usual suspects???

    and me liking the hot hot pink!

  3. mooiness: 29 is coming soon but thanks!

    nasilemak: open your eyes big big and check properly. hee hee yeah i like the hot pink too 😀

  4. Happy birthday! Many happy returns.

  5. HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY!!!

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