Posted by: dreymer | January 27, 2008

A day in Krabi

Ah.. yeah, I know! I haven’t been updating you guys on my trip to Krabi – Koh Samui – Koh Phangan. Here are some pics with minimal yak yak yak. Something unusual huh? Here are some of my favourite shots:

A bird’s eye view on parts of Krabi…

First meal of the day, beef ball and beef strip noodles with kueh teow. The stall is located on Maharaj Soi 4 in Krabi Town.

A peek of Ao Nang beach… wouldn’t your love to sink you feet into the sand?

The pathway along the beach. Rows of shops and coconut trees is the usual Ao Nang scene. If you are looking to shop for apparels, souvenirs, accessories, and fake branded goods, there are plenty of choices here. Hungry? You won’t be over here. A plethora of choice ranging from local, European and Asian. Tired and restless? Go for a massage. A foot massage is about THB 200 only (RM 20) for an hour.

You’ll also find street vendors selling local delights like the one I’ve spotted. This lady speaks a little BM as well. It says Thai pancake but it’s actually very thin, crispy roti canai with lotsa butter. You can have it as a sweet or savoury snack. I had mine with nutella for THB 20 (RM 2). Mmm yums! The one with banana is also highly recommended. Macam roti pisang la..

A walk on Ao Nang Beach. This is what you see – the hills and coconut trees. Gorgeous!

It was already evening so these sampans were back to shore.

You find all kinds of people here; the body beautiful babes, the joggers, the mommies with theirs kids, the strangers who would wave at you for no reasons and also know your name! It was then only I realized that I bumped into an ex-colleague who was also on vacation. Haa…

And yes, some topless people too…

And after all that walking and sightseeing, it’s just great to chill down with Mr Chang and a pizza 🙂


to be continued…  



  1. Woo, very nice. The coconut trees and the hill remind me of “The Beach”. The sampan photo is an excellent shot. And food, OMG food. 😀

  2. what happen to your camho pics!!!! I MAU TENGOK!!

    Must continuously update k, I finished my work for the month dee, so will be damn free at work for the next week before I ciao..heehee..

    Hang on a sec,I can’t actually view wordpress at work la…

    I want to see your travel partners,see whehter they as pwetty as me ornot when they are drunk. harhar.

  3. mooiness: It’s really beautiful over there. I was “Wow-ing” and “Wah-ing”. Maybe because I didn’t have any expectations of Krabi. Food… was… delicious! And CHEAP!

    sourrain: Eh please, I’m 29 already. Way pass the age to camwhore dee. HAHA.

    I have a feeling you hate me and want me to die a painful death 😀

    Quit boasting that you are damn free k! Monkey.

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