Posted by: dreymer | January 28, 2008

Koh Samui: A long, long journey

Another round of beef noodles in Krabi before the long journey to Koh Samui. This time, I had the thin noodles instead (not by choice, the lady couldn’t understand what I was trying to say). But it was still good!

Yes, sure I will.

After 9 hours on truck, ferry, bus and taxi… we finally arrive Koh Samui. Tired but excited, we rode our bikes from Lamai to Chaweng. Beautiful view on the way. Had dinner at Out of Africa. Look at the poor piggy! But guess what? It is the juiciest and the most tender piece of pork I’ve had for ages! I don’t really like pork alot but this was GOOD.

I ordered the Argentinian steak which was extremely disappointing. It was tough and I couldn’t even manage it at all. Grr..

Ooh. Time for Muay Thai! We got tickets to the Muay Thai match at Phetch Buncha, Chaweng. Tickets were THB 670 (RM 67).

Immediately you can tell that this match was made for tourists. You don’t find many locals at all over here.

The first match were against kids, about 8-10 years old. Young, but these boys are the potential bullies in school. Lean and mean, they can take my lunch money any time.

It isn’t a great fight until one gets a complete knocked out.

“Hey, no hard feelings mate!” A bloody nose and a nasty blow on the head is hard to forgive.

Well, after the all the sweat, blood, testosterone and sculptured Thai bodies, it was a 25-minutes ride back to Lamai. Up the cliffs and windy roads, we were back safe in the happening town of Lamai.

In need of more pampering, a foot massage was hard to say no to. Massages are more expensive in Koh Samui. It was THB 300 (RM 30) for an hour. That’s RM 10 more expensive than Krabi.

And we ended the night with some street food: barbequed meat! THB 10 (RM 1) per skewer. You see those flat, white packets on the right? That’s rice in a plastic bag. They are meant to be barbequed. Interesting huh?

to be continued…


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