Posted by: dreymer | February 2, 2008

Koh Samui: I love the sun

This is my view as I lay back on the lounge chairs on Lamai Beach.

Where my flip flops rest…

Yummy! I got a whole mango but sliced from this fruit seller for THB 50 (RM 5) and 2 free bananas and coconut flesh!

Random flower on the hotel premises..

The bikers… it was so fun and scary at the same time!


Finally I got my Phad Thai. It was expensive since we were in the heart of tourist land. A meal in Chaweng comes up to THB100 (RM 10). Bah!

After spending several hours in Chaweng, we decided to head back to Lamai and some touristy stuffs. Nearby an attraction awaits… We had to hike up a 100m trail and it wasn’t exactly easy especially when you’re wearing flip flops. Rocks and sands and only a rope as your support. EeeEEee…

But we got there in one piece to view the most enormous rock hard erection…

Ah. Proud with such grandeur. That one is called ‘Grandfather’. What’s ‘Grandfather’ without ‘Grandmama’? Becareful, she’s a little wet. (Actually this isn’t the one. The real ‘Grandmama’ doesn’t look like this. I couldn’t locate the right spot like how most men can’t).

There’s even an isolated reggae shack here too.

Some random pics..


The local kids

Crystal Clear

Grandfather standing proud against the sunset

to be continued… seafood indulgence…



  1. Wow. I feel so relaxed just looking at these. Genitalia rocks FTW!

  2. its like your camera went on holiday and not you…hahahahaha!!

    now, where are the happy campers..including you???

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