If you don’t already know, I love to travel. I would make an effort to go somewhere at least once a year. Whether with friends or family, near or far — every travel destination is always special. The best vacations are the ones where:

  • you meet other travellers and they get a shock of their lives when they find out we Asian grrls have english names (ref: Osaka!)
  • you get an opportunity to stay in luxury boutique hotel by Relais & Châteaux (ref: Geneva)
  • you witness a person with a camera snapping pictures and directing their model to step back further… until she falls into the lake (ref: Shenzhen)
  • you bar hop from one place to another till 5am and wake up the next day at 10am to shop shop shop. (ref: HK 2004)
  • you finally find out why people go nuts in H&M (ref: Vienna)
  • you get a tag team of a gypsy lady carrying her child and a fake priest conspiring to pick-pocket but fail (ref: Rome)
  • you discover that your own country is beautiful and has lots to offer (ref: islands in Malaysia)

And I’m in Singapore EVERY year. That just goes without saying.

My travel path from 1997 onwards 


  • Penang Island (Malaysia) 
  • Bangkok (Thailand)


  • Mumbai and Goa (India)
  • Penang Island (Malaysia) 
  • Hong Kong (China)


  • Vienna, Salzburg & Innsbruck (Austria)
  • Munich (Germany)
  • Bali (Indonesia)
  • Redang Island (Malaysia) 
  • Perhentian Island (Malaysia) 
  • Melaka (Malaysia)


  • Seoul (Korea)
  • Kuantan (Malaysia)
  • Hong Kong (China) 


  • USA


  • Hong Kong, Shenzhen & Guangzhou  (China)
  • Osaka, Kyoto & Nara (Japan)


  • Tokyo (Japan)
  • London (UK)
  • Pisa, Florence & Rome (Italy)
  • Vatican City
  • Geneva (Switzerland)


  • Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Cyprus (Turkey)


  • Cairo (Egypt)


  1. wah lau… so many countries that you’ve been to!! I’m jealous!! 😦

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