My Wine List

The types of wine I’ve tasted so far in 2007 (only those that I was sober enough to remember)


  1. Logan Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (Australia)
  2. Allandale Verdelho (Australia)
  3. Wontanella Chardonnay (Australia) 2003
  4. Delatite Riesling (Victoria, Australia) 2005 
  5. Matua Valley Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) 2006
  6. Divino Varietal Sauvignon Blanc (Chile) 2003
  7. Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand) 2005
  8. Massotina Pinot Grigio (Italy) 2004
  9. Montana Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand) 2006
  10. KWV Sauvignon Blanc (South Africa) 2006
  11. Anakena Sauvignon Blanc (Central Valley, Chile) 2006
  12. Capel Vale (Western Australia, Australia) Mountain Duck Semillon Chardonnay 2005
  13. Villa Esmeralda (Penedes, Spain) Gewürtztraminer Muscat 2005 
  14. Lengs & Cooter Watervale (Claire Valley, Australia) Riesling 2006
  15. Domaine de la Grenaudiere (Loire Valley, France) Muscadet Sur Lie 2005
  16. Domaine de la Garreliere (Touraine, France) Chenin Blanc 2004
  17. Saltram Maker’s Table (Barossa Valley, Australia) Sauvignon Blanc 2005
  18. Morton Estate White Label (Marlborough, New Zealand) Sauvignon Blanc 2006
  19. Wyndham Estate Bin 777 (NSW, Australia) Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2005
  20. Kingston Estate (Adelaide Hills, Australia) Sauvignon Blanc 2006


  1. Logan Apple Tree Flat Shiraz (Australia)
  2. Las Maria Estate Barbera (Argentina) 2003
  3. Wolf Blass Red Label Cabernet Merlot (Australia) 2002
  4. Tahuna Pinot Noir (New Zealand) 2005
  5. Anakena Carménère (Repel Valley, Chile) 2005
  6. Capel Vale (Western Australia, Australia) Mountain Duck Cabernet Merlot 2004 

(I really ought to catch up on my reds)


  1. Berringer White Zinfandel (USA)


  1. Chambers Rosewood Muscat (Australia)


  1. interesting to note, i think ppl here prefer whites because it comes chilled. reds are normally served at room temp, but its horrid in our weather.

    i used to love reds, but somehow i’m skewed to whites now. you should try some from Hawkes Bay (NZ). haven’t had one that disappointed me, yet. ^_~

  2. Z.. you’re right. I like whites more because it’s served chilled. The other reason why I don’t go for red is of vanity; red wine stains my lips! Haha!

    Ok, will lookout for Hawkes Bay.

  3. I love the Muscadet!! Too bad I’m too far away to join in your tri-wine-a-thon. Why didn’t u had that when I was around?!?

    Anyway, just wanna let u know that Kumala from South Africa comes cheap and tastes great for its price! Available at Carrefour… voila!

    Actually, my main purpose here is to tell u that I bumped into this site which I think u should participate in @ as I have high regards for your talent… ;p Have not figured out how it works but let me know if you’re keen! No prize money involved I think… 😀

  4. tzelynn: already so hard to ask you out for coffee, what more a tri-wine-a-thon? Oh.. so maybe that’s how I can fish you out is it?! 🙂 Looks like I have to wait for that opp.

    I’ve never had a Muscadet so it was a pleasant virgin experience. Haha.. Are you referring to Kumala Muscadet? Ok, I’ll be on the look out.

    This page is good! At least I’ve got suggestions on wines to look out for. Thanks!

    I’ve visited the page. It looks like something I have plenty of — snapshots of FOOD. Thanks grrl!

  5. […] My Wine List Posted by: dreymer | 28th Oct, 2007 […]

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